• 马里那斯·范德博教授

    (Teacher 荷兰莱顿大学)

    Summer school of Renmin University with choice courses and sound procedures provides golden opportunities for students to acquire new knowledge and approach the frontier of studies.

  • Anne Holopainen

    (Student 芬兰)

    The one on one volunteer service of Summer School is excellent. Through the communication and interaction with volunteers, I glimpsed and experienced life in RUC in a very real sense.

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    What the volunteers say? (2014ISS)


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    What the teachers say? (2014ISS)


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    What the students say? (2014ISS)

    Mor Burshtein是一个26岁的以色列姑娘,这个暑假,她来到我校参加国际小学期项目,并选修了两门中文语言课程和一门社会学课程。

  • 2012-01-12 17:00:15

    Top flight foreign staff teach summer school

    Many Chinese students have been captivated by open source online courses given by professors from top overseas universities.