• MENG Lingnan


    It is mutual understand and respect that bridges the cultural gap.

  • Mor

    (Volunteer 2014 ISS)

    The difference between Chinese students  and foreign students is not that big.  We all live in one world and the pursuit of  happiness is the consensus. Though  there are differences, they can be  overcome.

  • Jillian Bray


    It is amazing to feel by myself the unique Chinese traditional culture here. I like to go to the Temple of Heaven at six or seven AM to watch old people doing traditional morning exercise like dancing, performing Taiji, or swordplay.

1、Students admitted to the ISS should take the RUC admission letter and visa application form (Jw202) to the local Chinese embassy or consulate to get a F Visa. Since it will take some time to go through the application procedures, students are advised to check the relevant information in advance.

2、It would be better for the students to apply for an F visa of 90 days due to the length of the ISS. Since this type of visa requires admission letter and Jw202 form, students should make an appropriate schedule for application.

In the case where students could not get the admission letter and Jw202 form in time for the F visa, an L visa of 90 days is also acceptable but not advised.


No matter what kind of visa to obtain, students should make sure that the validity of the visa can cover the entire ISS project, and should register the visa information at the International Student Office (ISO) in RUC after registering in the University. Students who would like to have their visa extended after the ISS project should make the extension application at International Student Office in advance. Persons with an expired visa will be fined or expelled by the Chinese Public Security authorities.