• John Sicilian

    (Professor of University of Kansas, USA, 2012 Summer School)

    Firstly, the summer school was really well organized in terms of curriculum provision, manning support and reception service. I think people taking part in would benefit a lot during the process. Secondly, I have to say the academic members of RUC summer school were amazing; they came from different universities that enjoy high reputation around the world. Thirdly, students in RUC were so friendly that I, as a professor, am very impressive.

  • GAO Ping

    (Professor of University of Manchester, UK, 2012 Summer School)

    I have heard about the excellent academic performance of RUC students as they are supposed to be the top ones. When I came to RUC, I notice that they were better than I expected. Therefore, teaching them was very enjoyable.

  • Stanley Rosen

    (Professor of University of Southern California, USA, 2011 Summer School)

    When I returned to RUC this summer, I was surprised by its significant change compared with what it used to be in 1994, the first time I came here. The differences were not only the layout of campus, but also a more progressive and open attitude.

  • Alejandro Hoyos Jr

    (student of University of Texas--Pan American, USA, 2012 Summer School)

    I have selected two courses to learn Chinese which was very challenging because it was the first time for me to study Chinese language and Chinese culture. But it turned out to be very interesting and beneficial. Besides, teachers were professional and dedicated, and their oral English was fluently so there were no barriers when we were communicating.

Beijing International Airport to RUC

RUC will arrange airport pick-up service for 2017 ISS students on July 1st and July 2nd of 2017. You can also get to RUC by taking a taxi or airport shuttle bus.

1. Taking a taxi. You need to spend around 150RMB reaching RUC by taxi.

2. Taking an airport shuttle bus. Take the Line Gongzhufen Terminal and get off at Friendship Hotel. The bus ticket is 24 RMB.


Railway Station to RUC

Beijing Railway Station:

Take Subway Line 2 , and transfer to Line 4 at Xizhimen Station. (40 mins)


Beijing West Railway Station:

Take Subway Line 9 and transfer to Line 4 at  National Library Station. (20 mins)


Beijing South Railway Station:

Take Subway Line 4. (30 mins)