• MENG Lingnan


    It is mutual understand and respect that bridges the cultural gap.

  • Mor

    (Volunteer 2014 ISS)

    The difference between Chinese students  and foreign students is not that big.  We all live in one world and the pursuit of  happiness is the consensus. Though  there are differences, they can be  overcome.

  • Jillian Bray


    It is amazing to feel by myself the unique Chinese traditional culture here. I like to go to the Temple of Heaven at six or seven AM to watch old people doing traditional morning exercise like dancing, performing Taiji, or swordplay.

Fee and Refund


1. Registration Fee

The registration fee is 800 RMB.

2. Tuition

The tuition differs according to your online application time. It’s 10000RMB in March, 11000RMB in April and 12000RMB in May.

3. Course Fee

The tuition covers two courses. And one more course needs additional 2000RMB.

4. Commision Fee

Chinese bank cards, oversea bank cards and Ali pay and Wechat pay are all supported to use. If you use oversea bank cards, the commission fee (2.8%) needs to be paid together with the registration and tuition.

5. Refund for quitting summer school

If you have to quit RUC ISS, the registration fee won’t be refunded to you, but you can have refund for tuition. The proportions of refund are as follows:


Proportion of Refund

Before the first class 95% of Tuition
Before the second class 90% of Tuition
Before the half of the course 50% of Tuition
After the half of the course 0

 6. Refund for dropping the third and fourth course

Dropping course can only be done before the third class of the course, and the fifth class of language training courses.

7. Notes

1) Students, from RUC partner universities, Confucius Institutes, and Exchange Program for Students and Teachers from Hong Kong Universities, please contact your university for the detailed information about the registration fee and tuition.

2) Universities, governments and other educational organizations can recommend students to study in RUC International Summer School. If there are no less than 10 students, the tuition is 9000RMB in March, 10000RMB in April and 11000RMB in May based on students’ online application time. If the number of students drops to less than 8 after some withdrawl, then there is no preferential tuition for those recommended students and the tuition is 10000RMB in March, 11000RMB in April and 12000RMB in May. The person in charge of recommendation should contact us at before students’ online application.