• MENG Lingnan


    It is mutual understand and respect that bridges the cultural gap.

  • Mor

    (Volunteer 2014 ISS)

    The difference between Chinese students  and foreign students is not that big.  We all live in one world and the pursuit of  happiness is the consensus. Though  there are differences, they can be  overcome.

  • Jillian Bray


    It is amazing to feel by myself the unique Chinese traditional culture here. I like to go to the Temple of Heaven at six or seven AM to watch old people doing traditional morning exercise like dancing, performing Taiji, or swordplay.

Application schedule:


Step 1

Create an account in RUC ISS online application system:

Step 2

Fill in the basic information and upload ID photo, Passport or ID, and certificate of enrollment (Scanned Version)

Notice: You don’t need to mail the hard-copy material to RUC ISS Office.

Step 3

Wait for approval. ISS Office will update your application status in 2 working days.

Step 4

Select the dormitory. You will receive a conformation email once the dormitory is successfully reserved.

Notice: The dormitory is only available for international students.

You can click for more details.

Step 5

Pay the registration fee and tuition fee.

Notice: Once the fee is paid successfully, RUC ISS office will post you the admission letter, visa application form to you by express.

Step 6

Select courses. The tuition fee covers two courses. For another one, you need to pay additional 2000 RMB in the system. 


RUC students usually select courses in early June after the end of the course selection by non-RUC students. If the course you have selected has less than 5 students, which is quite rare, the course will be cancelled and you will have to change your course. If that happens, we will inform you through email instantly. 

Courses can only be dropped before the third class.