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    (Volunteer 2014 ISS)

    Renmin University is greatly different from  the university where I am from. Here in  Renmin, a much bigger campus, you can  find almost anything you need like dining  hall, grocery store and so on. In my  university, students rent apartments and  live off campus. Life is a lot more  convenient in Renmin University.

1. Credit


Each course is equal to two credits. One credit equals to 16 class hours and one class hour equals to 45 minutes. How many credits can be transfered depends on your home university.


2. Transcript


We will post the transcript (English Version) to the address you have provided during the application or your home university  on August 25 and it will reach around September 5.  


3. GPA accounting methods are as follows:

Score Grade Grade Points
90-100 A 4.0
86-89 A- 3.7
83-85 B+ 3.3
80-82 B 3.0



73-75 C+ 2.3
70-72 C 2.0
66-69 C- 1.7
63-65 D+ 1.3
60-62 D 1.0
Qualified Class Test P 1.0
Under 60 or Unqualified Class Test F 0