• MENG Lingnan


    It is mutual understand and respect that bridges the cultural gap.

  • Mor

    (Volunteer 2014 ISS)

    The difference between Chinese students  and foreign students is not that big.  We all live in one world and the pursuit of  happiness is the consensus. Though  there are differences, they can be  overcome.

  • Jillian Bray


    It is amazing to feel by myself the unique Chinese traditional culture here. I like to go to the Temple of Heaven at six or seven AM to watch old people doing traditional morning exercise like dancing, performing Taiji, or swordplay.

  • Online Registration & Online Payment Instruction to ISS of RUC
  • 中国人民大学暑期学校(国际小学期)网上报名网上交费说明

Online Registration & Online Payment Instruction to ISS of RUC

All the applicants are suggested to settle the payments online in 2013, the online payment platform is open.Please read all the information over in details as follows to pay the fees online.

I.Preparation Before Payment

1.The bank card held by the prospective student must have been opened online payment function. This function is usually activated at bank teller.

2.The bank card that prospective students used should be included in the bank card opened by PayEase Payment platform for online registration of ISS of Renmin University. Please refer to for the activation of bank card online payment.

3.For those prospective students who have no experience of online payment, be sure to read bank card usage instructions and operate accordingly.

4.For better operation, PayEase Platform suggest prospective students use following cards for online payment:

Local Card:

[01]Industrial & Commercial Bank of China:Debit Card/Cash Card

[02]China Merchants Bank:Credit Card/ Debit Card

[03]China Construction Bank:Debit Card/Cash Card

[04]Agricultural Bank of China:Debit Card/Cash Card

[05]Bank of Beijing:Credit Card/ Debit Card

[06]Shenzhen Development Bank:Credit Card/ Debit Card

[07]Industrial Bank Co. Ltd.:Cash Card/Credit Card

[08]Guangdong Development Bank:Credit Card/ Debit Card

[09]China Minsheng Bank:Credit Card/ Debit Card

[10]Huaxia Bank:Debit Card

[11]Bank of Communications:Credit Card/ Debit Card

[12]Shanghai Pudong Development Bank:Credit Card/ Debit Card

[13]China Post:Cash Card

[14]Beijing Rural Commercial Bank:Debit Card

[15]China Everbright Bank:Credit Card/ Debit Card

[16]Bank of China:Credit Card/ Debit Card

[17]Industrial & Commercial Bank of China:Bank Card Telephone Banking

[18]China Merchants Bank:Bank Card Telephone Banking

[19]China Minsheng Bank:Bank Card Telephone Banking

[20]China CITIC Bank:Debit Card

International Credit Card:

[01]VISA (real-time)

[02]MASTER (real-time)

[03]JCB (real-time)

[04]AE (real-time)

Notes: International Credit Card Payment Progress:

1、Click the icon of VISA, MASTER, JCB, AE (global, real-time) to enter into the international credit card payment page;

2、Input cardholder’s name, card number, expiry date (MM/YY) and CAV2 code; click “OK” to submit order;

3、Payment status will show up; if the payment is successful, a registration payment success page will pop up immediately.

II. Online Payment

1、Most of prospective students are not very familiar with online payment, so during operation, prospective students should pay attention and make record of the information prompted by payment platform and bank, and should read instructions from time to time.

2、To avoid system incompatible, please use IE browser instead of other browsers; IE 6.0 version is preferable because some banks’ system do not support IE 7.0.

3、Log in Renmin University Summer Session Online Registration System, click “Online Payment”

4、Enter online payment page, confirm your enrollment fee, choose a bank card, click “online payment”and pay according to bank instruction. After successful payment, system will return payment completed information.

5、If certain steps is abnormal during payment, do not use refresh or go back button of IE browser, you should click “online payment” button again; otherwise system will report error.

6、If the same error appears after several payment actions, the reason may lies in IE cache; you can click the browser tools table “tools-internet option-delete cookies”, and then pay another time.

7、If the system is slow due to internet problem, please wait and be calm, do not click repeatedly; if the page does not display, please click “refresh” button.

8、Prospective students must close “3721 internet assistant”, Baidu Serch, Google tool bar, and some pop-up blocker tools like Norton Internet Security; otherwise, the successful payment result page will probably be blocked. Please shut down pop-up blocker tool under Windows XP system.

9、To avoid block up at the end of the registration period, please prepare and registrate as early as possible.

10、Influenced by the bank work time, it happens once in a while that money has been deducted from bank card, but the payment status in the registration system shows “not paid”; at this time, you should not pay repeatedly, but should call PayEase immediately, PayEase staff will check and work on it and give you feed back.

III. Payment Enquiry

1、Please make record of your own registration number or bank payment order number for later order enquiry at PayEase.

2、If payment result is not shown in the system, prospective students can check their account balance through internet banking, mobile, and ATM or bank teller. If the registration fee has already been deducted after check, you can call PayEase to check the payment status on the System of Renmin University of China.

3、You should pay another time if the payment is failed.

IV. Refund

Please refer to International Summer School office of Renmin University for Refund policy


Please contact PayEase for payment problems:

Phone: (010) 59321108 (24-hour service)

(010) 82652626 ext. 6829,6576,6502,6639,6613 (9am-17:30pm)

Commitment to payment by credit card online:

According to relevant requirements concerning risk management of international credit card online paymentmade by China domestic acquiring banks, payer should read the following terms carefully and agree to it:

1、This payment is for the registration fee or tuition fee of International Summer School Program of Renmin University of China;

2、This payment is completed online with credit card;

3、This payment is completed by the payer himself/herself;

4、The payer agrees to provide with the copy of credit card with his/her signature on the enrollment day of Renmin University of China.