• Claudia LIU

    (student of University of Virginia, USA, 2011 Summer School)

    When I heard about that there were Chinese language courses at RUC, I applied without hesitation. Our teachers had high sense of responsibility, and they were glad to answer our questions patiently and explained them in detail. In addition, my partner was also helpful. She helped me to get familiar with the campus and we discussed many interesting issues.

  • SHEN Yuan

    (Renmin University of China, 2014 Summer School )

    I worked as a volunteer in this summer school, and it was really impressive. On one hand, I could get accessed to other cultures when chatting with the foreign students and we have become friends since then. On the other hand, I started to think over some social phenomena in China that I used to ignore from a new perspective. That was what summer school brought to me.

  • ZHENG Shujing

    (Renmin University of China, 2014 Summer School)

    It was lucky for me to be a volunteer in this summer. We had the opportunity to come across foreign partners from different countries and help them to adapt to the life on campus. Besides that, I also improved my spoken English and social skills.

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How to use RUC campus internet?
How to use RUC campus internet?
All the ISS students have to use the campus internet access card to login the website, please ask for the card on July 3 from 8:00-17:00 at Run Run Shaw Hall. If you miss the time, you may please get the card at the international summer school office (Academic and research Building B602)
You are only allow to use 10G internet traffic by this card, Please don’t waste the internet resources. If you have any questions about the internet access card, please feel free to contact with international summer school office (phone no. 62511150).
In order to avoid the personal information leakage, Please do not share the card with other people. Don’t violate the Chinese Internet Law and be responsible for your own internet behavior.
International Summer School Office
July 1, 2011