• Claudia LIU

    (student of University of Virginia, USA, 2011 Summer School)

    When I heard about that there were Chinese language courses at RUC, I applied without hesitation. Our teachers had high sense of responsibility, and they were glad to answer our questions patiently and explained them in detail. In addition, my partner was also helpful. She helped me to get familiar with the campus and we discussed many interesting issues.

  • SHEN Yuan

    (Renmin University of China, 2014 Summer School )

    I worked as a volunteer in this summer school, and it was really impressive. On one hand, I could get accessed to other cultures when chatting with the foreign students and we have become friends since then. On the other hand, I started to think over some social phenomena in China that I used to ignore from a new perspective. That was what summer school brought to me.

  • ZHENG Shujing

    (Renmin University of China, 2014 Summer School)

    It was lucky for me to be a volunteer in this summer. We had the opportunity to come across foreign partners from different countries and help them to adapt to the life on campus. Besides that, I also improved my spoken English and social skills.

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2013 International Summer School Enrollment Procedures
2013 International Summer School
Enrollment Procedures
Welcome to RUC!
This is to help you to do the enrollment smoothly, please read it over and make sure you have prepared all the required materials.
* Enrollment Time Arrangement:
The enrollment will be carried on during 8:00-12:00 and 13:00-17:00 of July 2, 2013. Students who miss the enrollment please check in the dorm first, but you have to go to the ISS Office (Research Building B, 602)to finish the procedures and get your student card which is the ID card in the University to use to enter the Education Buildings, when you reach the University. Otherwise, you won’t be allowed to take the courses.
* Enrollment Venue: Room1101, Teaching Building 1#
* Enrollment procedures:
1) Sign in
*       You have to get the Enrollment Procedures at the entrance to the Room1101, Teaching Building 1#
2) Confirmation of Personal Information
*       You have to confirm the information you submitted online, such as the post address(the address is used to send you the academic transcript, it is very important to be correct.), telephone number, etc., Complete and rectify the personal information, when necessary;
*       Please hand in your original application materials if you haven’t sent to us. Meanwhile, you have to present your admission notice. Also during this step, we will check all the application materials, including admission letter, 4 passport photos, passport or ID card and a copy of insurance certificate;
*       We will also hand out the student cards mentioned in the entrance guide. If we don’t have your passport photos, please prepare and hand in four of them.
*       If you need the paper transcript you should fill in the express envelope, otherwise we only send you the digital transcript.
3) Confirmation of Visa and Accommodation Information
*       You have to confirm your passport, visa and accommodation information.
If you do not live on the campus during ISS, you have to hand in the copy of Temporary Residence Enrollment, including Entry city, Entry time, Visa number, etc.;
*       Confirming the arrangement of the accommodation;
*       If you have a cell phone in Beijing, please tell us your number so that we can keep contact smoothly and efficiently.
4) Fees and Tour Application
*       Confirming the payment of the enrollment and tuition fees, if you haven’t paid,  please pay it on July 2. Otherwise, you are not allowed to take any courses of ISS.
*       If you have decided to take part in any of the intracity tours and watch the acrobatics performance, you can register and pay for the expenses accordingly.
5) Remark
*       the opening ceremony of ISS 2013
*       At 18: 30pm-20:30pm of July 3, the opening ceremony of ISS 2013 will be held in the First Auditorium in Run Run Shaw Hall. All the international students and volunteers should be present.
Anything still unclear, you can turn to any of the volunteers in the hall.
(On the back is the graph of Enrollment Procedures.)
*     Enrollment Venue: Room1101, Teaching Building 1#

First Step:

Confirmation of Personal Information
Second Step:
Visa Issues & Accommodation
Intracity Tour
Application Spot
Third Step:
Fees and Intracity Tour Application
Check in the Dorm or hotel and please remember the 2013 ISS opening ceremony is at 18: 30pm-20:30pm of July 3, all the ISS students are welcome to be present.